Wonder Woman : The Excellent Adventure Edit

Bad Movies Made Less Bad Presents:
A audio mashup of one of the best movies of the 80's with one of the worst DC movies.

Faneditor Name: Wakeupkeo

Original Movie Title: WW84

Original Release Date: 2020
Original Running Time: 151

Fanedit Release Date: September 2021
Fanedit Running Time: 91

Subtitles Available?: Yes

Reviews are not required but they are really and truly appreciated. 

Major Changes:

  • Dialing up the campiness of the score while dialing down the campiness of the script to find the fun movie in between.
  • Show, don't tell philosophy in effect.
  • Remove bad CGI Shots.
  • Fix some of the main plot holes.
  • Steve doesn't inhabit anyone's body
  • Diana doesn't steal a plane and make it invisible, she already has one and reveals it to Steve, avoiding the fuel issue.
  • Barbra doesn't ask for the second wish to be an apex predator, her change is a side effect of Max's megalomania.
  • Only Max needs to renounce his wish for the world to be fixed.
  • Max gets punishment.
  • More 80s Music

Editing Intent:

I LOVE Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure since my youth - one of the few VHS movies I owned, and I knew it by heart. So dumb, but so great. I was also in the majority of viewers that did not love WW84, especially after reflection. With so many delays on its release date, they had tons of extra time to tighten the movie up, but clearly they did not. We can do better.

Diana kept fighting after the events of her first movie in smaller, more hidden humanitarian ways, even though she gave up hope in mankind as a whole. We do not find her in the 80s anti-social and still brooding about Steve this whole time. Instead she is a confident hidden hero, who happens upon a chance that brings him back, and she realizes AGAIN how much she lost. This movie becomes the reason she still thinks about him in the present day JL movies. She was over him in that she knew he was gone the first time, only to have him come back for a while and let him go again. She essentially gets PTSD from this experience, instead of just being lovesick for the full 100 years. (Also, Steve is not inhabiting anyone else’s body in this edit.)

WW84 also should have dialed up the 80's soundtrack. Bill and Teds was shot in '87 and released in '89, so I already knew I couldn't lock myself into ‘84 if I wanted to mix the soundtracks. Bill and ted's gave me tons of source material to work with, but I needed more, so since Bill and Ted wanted to work with Van Halen, Van Halen leads the additional songs needed. There is also Judas Priest, Pat Benatar, The Expressions, Killing Joke, Vangelis, Oingo Boingo, Def Leppard, Scorpions, Harold Faltermayer and Kenny Loggins.

Cut List:


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