Wonder Woman : The Hard Truths Edit
Dawn of Justice Part 3

Bad Movies Made Less Bad Presents:
Mankind is... questionable.

Faneditor Name: Wakeupkeo

Original Movie Title: Wonder Woman

Original Release Date: 2017
Original Running Time: 141

Fanedit Release Date: December 2020
Fanedit Running Time: 128

Subtitles Available?: Yes

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Major Changes:

  • Avoid the strange paradoxical elements from the final Act (i.e. soldiers hugging after the defeat of Ares.)
  • Make the end of WW less optimistic, more in line with MoS and BvS that these heroes are awesome but mankind is questionable.
  • Distance this version of Wonder Woman’s origin story from writer Azzarello's New 52 retcon where Wonder Woman is the child of Zeus and Hephaestus, restoring Wonder Woman's made-from-clay origin in the end.
  • Make Diana seem less naïve about some basic things like marriage and hand-holding.
  • Diminish the role of Dr. Poison to simply a lackey of the General, so her Act 3 disappearance less important (Dr. Poison falls into the easy trope that suggests disability — and in this case, specifically facial disfigurement — means that a character is evil. We never find out Dr. Poison’s backstory and whether her facial scarring caused her to become a villain or happened after she already was one, but the message is the same- we should be afraid of people whose faces and bodies are different from our own.)
  • Remove much of the exposition and the Dr. Poison confrontation from the final battle.

Editing Intent:

At my first viewing I loved this movie, so I didn’t change much... just that ending. But considering how much I altered DoJ Pts 1&2, I really tried to address as many criticisms as possible as I do with all of my edits. I fell down a rabbit hole of research, however, and found many valid criticisms with the movie. The following are the results of the fixes I thought were possible to make.

This will close out my Dawn of Justice Edits. All are done with an extreme amount of love for the classic characters, and hopefully within canon of ZSJL release. They all try to unify the cinematic universe and remove scenes that show our heroes out of character, all cringe-worthy moments, and plot holes that can be addressed. I really love the DC characters and the DoJ trilogy has been my passion project.

Cut List:


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