Birds of Prey : The Chronological Edit

Bad Movies Made Less Bad Presents:
Badass ladies, without the Ace Chemicals plotline.

Faneditor Name: Wakeupkeo

Original Movie Title: Birds of Prey

Original Release Date: 2020
Original Running Time: 108

Fanedit Release Date: October 2020
Fanedit Running Time: 96

Subtitles Available?: Yes

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Major Changes:

  • Cassandra Cain's name has been changed to Kassandra Kane.
  • Story told chronologically
  • No Ace Chemicals plotline.

Editing Intent:

Harley, now more of a known entity, is discovering the protections afforded under Joker are slipping away. We meet Harley as a spoiled drunk, still milking the privileges of being Joker’s girlfriend, so her personal growth seems bigger from basic piece of shit to possible new anti-hero. The rest of the major characters are introduced sooner, and Sionis’s displays of sadism ramps up more progressively until he dons the mask.

**2022* Quality update! 

What began as a simple 5.1 audio upgrade with subtitles has turned into a lot more. Looking back, while the edit is technically fine, the cuts made were broad and crude in comparison to what I am now capable of. Sections of big fight scenes were cut, dialogue was used as it was spoken, and I still had a continuity error with Montoya's stinking shirt I felt I couldn't avoid. A couple of years practice can give a whole new perspective on what is possible. Without sacrificing my original intent, I was able to add back in small minor things like a bit more of the jailbreak fights, but with tighter trims for the parts that didn't work for me. Generally better transitions that allow little bits of the movie to remain, and I was able to remove the Montoya's continuity error. The most noticeable changes are that I moved the "history of the diamond" from Montoya at the PD to earlier, when Ronan mentions it at the club talking to Mr. Keo. We also get a very trimmed Harley backstory in the intro too. But most importantly, I was able to address a big complaint about the source movie - the use of the Cassandra Cain name. Now, her name has been changed to Kassandra Kane in the subtitle and the Bounty Hunter Phone Messages where her name is seen. Credits changed too. I know this doesn't "solve" the complaint, but it's an attempt!

Cut List:

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