Tin Cup : The Golfer's Cut

Bad Movies Made Less Bad Presents:
Golf is Easy.

Faneditor Name: Wakeupkeo

Original Movie Title: Tin Cup

Original Release Date: 1986
Original Running Time: 135

Fanedit Release Date: November 2020
Fanedit Running Time: 116

Subtitles Available?: Yes

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Tin Cup - The Golfer's Cut (2022) Timeless B&W Edition.mp4


  • Trimmed Molly's explanation of her job
  • Removed Roy’s walk through strip bar to remove nudity.
  • Trimmed Roy's call with Doreen to remove blatant time off request.
  • Trimmed “Pink Fag Ball” line to “Pink Ball.”
  • Removed Molly's call with another psychologist.
  • Removed Molly watching Roy from inside her car.
  • Trimmed Molly in Roy's RV to remove her lack of confidence in her profession (since she mentioned at the beginning that its her life's work)
  • Removed Molly's mention of how she think Roy's arrogance is attractive
  • Removed Molly returning the Caddy to Roy and the resulting car ride.
  • Trimmed bar golf shot bet scene to remove Simms telling Molly that "she really looks good" at the end.
  • Removed RV sex scene
  • Trimmed Waffle house scene to remove Molly explaining that she is now sleeping with Roy
  • Removed final RV sleeping scene
  • Trimmed and moved final RV couch discussion up before Romeo's tango.
  • Move Romeos tango to the end
  • Changed closing music to ZZ Top’s La Grange

Editing Intent:

As an avid golfer myself, there are some great golf moments in this movie. There is unfortunately an over-the-top “80s romance” too, which hasn’t aged that well. My editing goal is to focus on the golf.

In this new version, Molly is edited to be “less damsel-like” and seems smarter, more confident. And the golf gets the highlight it deserves with this new upgrade to the film quality:

“the only two DVD editions (released in 1997 and 2009) made use of the same source material, a dated master created back when laserdiscs were still being produced. Not surprisingly, Warner Archive's new Blu-ray marks a huge improvement; it's sourced from a recent 2K scan of the interpositive and looks great with strong image detail, plenty of visible film grain, and a pleasing palette that showcases Tin Cup's sun-baked locations. Warm earth tones are prominent with plenty of room for vivid greens, which are richly saturated but show no obvious signs of bleeding. As usual, the disc is well-authored and runs at an extremely high bit rate while completely avoiding compression artifacts, banding, and other eyesores. Overall, this is a very tight and stable image that, while clearly looking like a product of its time period, is so far beyond previous home video releases that die-hard fans will be thrilled.”

When I was preparing the cover art, I found an awesome set photos with a monotone color grading that has a cool blue tint. I loved the way the photo felt classic and special. The set photos felt almost “Rat Pack” cool. I love the original movie and especially the new HD release, but the overall color saturation and obviously dated technology made it feel dated as well IMO. So I dove back in and tested an idea. Personally, I love the new “cool blue noir” look. The footage feels more timeless, and the old technology isn’t as distracting. The fashion looks less distracting too, allowing to focus on the golf. Both the "Timeless" B&W version and the original color version are available.


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