Justice League : Rise of the Motherboxes

Bad Movies Made Less Bad Presents:
Snyder's main vision, but with some much needed humanity injected from the Whedon version.

Faneditor Name: Wakeupkeo

Original Movie Title: Justice League

Original Release Date: 2017
Original Running Time: 242

Fanedit Release Date: Jan 2023
Fanedit Running Time: 180

Subtitles Available?: Yes

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*This is a lower quality file with stereo audio.

WKJL Extended 2.09 LQ Stereo.mp4

Major Changes:

  • A mainly ZSJL restructured edit that lets the story unfold more naturally, that tightens up ZSJL and adds as much of the best parts of JWJL. 
  • More of JWJL Diana struggling with leadership

Editing Intent:

I took this edit on as it’s my most requested edit due to my other DCEU edits. I did my original DoJ Trilogy edits in hopes of the ZSJL release, and I couldn't be happier that it happened. As absolutely bloated as it was, I saw no need to rush to edit it. And legendary editors Gieferg, Spence, Krausdafr and BionicBob made amazing edits of their own. But as seems likely in this hobby with so many possible choices to make along the way, I never saw an edit quite the way I would cut it, and now it seemed time.

As always, I stayed true to my goal of editing movies - first and foremost for myself. I genuinely watch my edits repeatedly.

The goal was to try to use this movie to move these characters from the darker ZS origins, to end with the more positive, classic Justice League HEROIC archetypes I am more familiar with and fit better with the following DCEU movies.

This edit pushed my skills to new levels, as I wasn’t satisfied with the footage we got so I had to sometimes mix two shots together to get the result I needed. Dialogue rebuilt in many instances, and color correction throughout to integrate JWJL footage into the ZSJL, and the ZSJL color was brought up a little bit too to be less gloomy.

Cut List:


Act One : The Call To Stand

Act Two : The Age of Heroes

Act Four : So Begins the End



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