The Wolverine:
The James Mangold Restoration

Bad Movies Made Less Bad Presents:
A collaborative effort with The Silver Screen Samurai to finish their passion project.
No Viper, No third act CGI crapfest.

Faneditor Name: Wakeupkeo
+ The Silver Screen Samurai

Original Movie Title: The Wolverine

Original Release Date: 2013
Original Running Time: 117

Fanedit Release Date: September 2022
Fanedit Running Time: 106

Subtitles Available?: Yes

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*This is a lower quality file with stereo audio.

The Wolverine - The James Mangold Restoration v3 LQ.mp4

Editing Intent:

This project aims to restore James Mangold's original vision for the film, before the studio enforced changes to the script. Knowledge of the original script, and how it was changed, comes directly from Mangold himself as well as behind the scenes commentary. The "identity reveal" of Silver Samurai being the real villain was definitely not part of that script, and Viper was also added because the studio wanted a villain with superpowers. So in this edit, she's been reduced to almost non-existence in the film as well.

Specifically, this edit completely removes the third act and any prior scenes or shots setting it up. The effect of cutting this is that it eliminates a plot-hole fuelled twist that comes totally out of left field, but that it also returns the story to being told almost exclusively from Logan's point-of-view; thus honouring Mangold's original vision, for a small-scale neo-noir grounded in real world stakes -- rather than a VFX heavy tent-pole designed to compete with bigger-scale films from that year.

I have helped Silver Screen Samurai come up with the broad strokes of the final act, but they created the first nightmare and the end of the ninja battle until the airport scene all on their own, in order to fulfil their vision completely.

In this version, when old Yashida dies at the beginning, he’s actually dead. Neither the finale in the fortress, or the inclusion of Viper, were in Mangold’s original version of the film. They were added by the studio. Thus they’ve been removed, in accordance with his wishes; rendering the film more of small-scale Neo-noir set in Japan, with real world stakes and logic, as originally intended.

Cut List:

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