Suicide Squad : Special Edition

Bad Movies Made Less Bad Presents:
No neon character intros, repeated exposition, or hip-shaking villains. And A LOT less Jared Leto.
(He is still in the film, but most of his lines are cut. I mean WTF - that "will you live for me speech" was ridiculous)

Faneditor Name: Wakeupkeo

Original Movie Title: Suicide Squad

Original Release Date: 2016
Original Running Time: 122

Fanedit Release Date: October 2020
Fanedit Running Time: 106

Subtitles Available?: Yes

Reviews are not required but they are really and truly appreciated. 

Major Changes:

  • Remove as much unnecessary exposition as possible. The last time something is explained, it’s the only time.
  • Removed Enchantress Hip-shaking, connect her plans to the larger DC universe
  • Less Joker focus and dialogue
  • Reveal the team organically, without introductions

Editing Intent:

Lets be honest, this movie sucks. But my edit attempts to salvage what can be saved for a more streamlined film. We finally got the Snyder approval, but have been less hopeful for the Ayer cut lately, so I decided to take a look, and ended up with this edit.

In my typical fashion, exposition gets cut drastically. The last time something is explained, is hopefully the only time it is. My intent is to leave some mystery and suspense, and not everyone needs to be a main character. I didn't know these characters besides Harley before watching, and that is the perspective I maintain. Slipknot is simply a plot device, not a main character. Also, Enchantress is a horrible villain, so I have removed as much of her dialogue as possible to make her more menacing implicitly, and removed as much hip-shaking as possible. Hopefully this puts the movie focus less on her and more on the growth of Harley, Deadshot and Flag, the real main characters. Most of the Joker dialogue is removed when possible. Scene sequence is also adjusted in the first half to better introduce the characters organically. Subtitles for Enchantress and Incubus have been replaced with a focus on building a beacon to alert Apokolips.

Cut List:

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