Tron : Perfection

Bad Movies Made Less Bad Presents:
A popcorn flick about the consequences of an entrepreneur who abandoned his family to put his work first. It's not exactly Lawrence of Arabia or Citizen Kane.

Faneditor Name: Wakeupkeo

Original Movie Title: Tron - Legacy

Original Release Date: 2010
Original Running Time: 125

Fanedit Release Date: March 2021
Fanedit Running Time: 90

Subtitles Available?: Yes

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*This is a lower quality file with stereo audio.

Tron Perfection v1.03 LQ Stereo.mp4

Major Changes:

  • "Show, don’t tell" principles in effect as much as possible.
  • All scenes that show a digitized young "real" Kevin Flynn are removed. Clu is the only one to wear the Young Kevin face.
  • Scenes in the real world are extremely trimmed – we are in the world of TRON by the 11th minute of the movie. No sequel bait, no franchise seeds.
  • Terrible dialogue is trimmed wherever possible to remove the cringe factor. (Lots of “whats his problem” and “now this I can do” type stuff.)
  • Quorra is edited to be less the "born sexy yesterday" trope (a woman defined both by her immense sex appeal and her intense childlike naivety, a figure created almost entirely to be leered over or as a prize to be won by the male protagonist.)
  • The “infinitely wise and infinitely naïve” aspects of the ISOs, and that they will “CHANGE THE WORLD,” is downplayed. Kevin simply feels responsible for her life, teaching her and protecting her, like the father he SHOULD have been to Sam.
  • Tron’s final change of sides is adjusted slightly. Some of his lines were removed (more mysterious) and his color change happened during the mental change. This allows him to simply “turn off” in the water instead of looking like there's a chance he is coming back when his color changes in the water. That was just confusing.

Editing Intent:

Having worked closely with nutty founders and CEOs in the past and watching how family often came second, the buried message resonated for me. There was a lot to love about the movie. And with the news of Daft Punk's breakup, this movie deserved polishing. 

Ultimately, Tron Perfection is a story about the conflict of man vs himself, and less about Sam Flynn (who is merely our entry-point into the Grid.) Kevin Flynn spent so much in his crusade to get revenge on Dillinger in the original Tron that once he got his revenge, made Clu, and set about to create a new Grid, he was mirroring comparable character flaws that included massive ambition married to a sense of entitlement. The conflict is between old Kevin and Clu, who at the most literal level represents the obsessive ambition of the younger Kevin. Clu can't be destroyed so much as reabsorbed back into Flynn by Flynn recognizing and confronting Clu as himself. Flynn's resentment in the first Tron film is simultaneously understandable, but inevitably sets the stage for his avatar Clu placing his own legacy and self-aggrandizement above the benefit of others. After Clu sets his master plan into action with a page to the outside world, the old Kevin can no longer escape the consequences of this abdication merely by inaction. To save his real and adopted children, Kevin has to embrace both the reality of Clu's propensity for evil (which is his own) AND his own shortcomings as a father, and finally resolve the conflict within himself.

Cut List:

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