The Problem with Synthetics : In Two Parts

Bad Movies Made Less Bad Presents:
An "android-centric" edit of Prometheus and Covenant, told in two parts.
Focused on the origins of the Xenomorph without ruining the surprises of the original Alien movie.

Faneditor Name: Wakeupkeo

Original Movie Title:
Alien: Covenant & Prometheus

Original Release Date: 2012
Original Running Time: 245

Fanedit Release Date: July 2021
Fanedit Running Time: 143

Subtitles Available?: Not Yet

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*This is a lower quality file with stereo audio.

The Problem with Synthetics - v2.10 LQ Stereo.mp4

Major Changes:

  • Show, don't tell principles effect.
  • Smaller more focused storylines with less main character focus to highlight the philosophical questions presented in the films, and cutting screen time and interest for characters that make glaringly bad decisions.
  • David is undoubtedly now the source of the xenomorphs (we reveal only the baby trilobite from the Prometheus episode, and only seeing more once David begins tinkering, and his monologue in his lab is adjusted to support this.)
  • No chestburster scenes or terrible Xenomorph confrontations. (Trying to honor the original Alien movies.)
  • Prometheus does not land on LV-223. (Remove all mention of the planet name.)
  • Better connect it to the Juggernaut in Alien. (A juggernaut closes in on the Covenant in the final shots.)
  • Remove or minimize stupidity of crew decisions to be less obvious and maddening. (As much as footage an narratives allow of course.)

Editing Intent:

"Paradise" by Job Willins is easily one of my favorite franchise-saving fanedit of all time. It highlights what is great about the prequels, and ditches everything else. I watched it endlessly.

Over time, I wondered - what would a chronological edit look like? And after having gotten the blessing of jobwillins himself, I began to experiment. The initial simple chronological re-edit lost all the magic and tension that made Paradise great.

But I kept playing with different ways to try to keep the "David-centric" story, and settled on this two-episode format. This is an admittedly inferior re-imagining of Paradise, but still a fun and different way to focus on the deeper questions raised in these films, each about 70 minutes.

And while I was editing these anyways, I wanted to address continuity issues mentioned so often in these prequels and make this truly an Alien Prequel story.

Cut List:

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