Huntress : Dead On Arrival
An edit of Kate (Netflix 2021) that removes all name references so the movie can stay within the DCEU.

Bad Movies Made Less Bad Presents:
After the events in Gotham (Birds of Prey), Huntress resolves to tie up loose ends for the man who trained her from a young age.
Things do not go as planned.

Faneditor Name: Wakeupkeo

Original Movie Title: Kate

Original Release Date: 2021
Original Running Time: 106

Fanedit Release Date: January 2022
Fanedit Running Time: 85

Subtitles Available?: Yes

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Major Changes:

  • Attempt to give the Japanese aspects as much respect as possible.
  • Flashbacks integrated with backstory from Birds of Prey movie.
  • Dialogue tightened throughout to remove the most cringy lines.
  • Shots in fight scenes where Huntress looks anything but badass are removed as much as possible, fight scenes tightened for better intensity and flow.
  • Some scenes reordered for more narrative mystery.

Editing Intent:

From a shallow POV, the original movie  is a mix of “The Wolverine” (Japan setting) and Logan (Dies at the end, mentors protégé.) But since the script is a rip off of the 1950s film D.O.A., we lean into that – trying to leave some mystery as long as possible. I love that part of Huntress's mythos is that she crusades to put an end to the crime families. All the violence in this edit is focused on yakuza gangs, so I think this edit ends up working well within the overall idea of Helena Bertinelli, pre New-52. Also that Varrick's agency could actually be Spyral.  

Cut List:

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