The Wolverine:
The Mangold Extended Edit

Bad Movies Made Less Bad Presents:
An extended version of the James Mangold Restoration (JMR), with all the f-bombs and all the extended scenes, the yellow suit ending. and a more fleshed out character arc for Harada.

Faneditor Name: Wakeupkeo
+ The Silver Screen Samurai

Original Movie Title: The Wolverine

Original Release Date: 2013
Original Running Time: 117

Fanedit Release Date: September 2022
Fanedit Running Time: 107

Subtitles Available?: Yes

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*This is a lower quality file with stereo audio.

The Wolverine - The James Mangold Restoration v3 LQ.mp4

Editing Intent:

After the great collaborative effort with the Silver Screen Samurai on the James Mangold Restoration (JMR), I added a few things back in for my personal version, without the restraints like leaving all the f-bombs and all the extended scenes, and the yellow suit ending. But recently, I have been trying to give the story a more complete feel that might warrant its own release. IMO Harada's story arc still felt incomplete, and not quite a "final act" battle opponent due to lacking motivation for keeping Mariko away from Logan at the end.

Resentment against mutants was much of Shingen's anger at his father, and the same resides with Harada too, as he also shows aggression to Viper in the scenes we removed. Having Harada hate mutants seems like a valid reason to want to end Logan's influence over Mariko, something that might override his obedience to her. So playing off that, I thought I could use the "Blackened Mantle" technique, and rewrite narratives through new subtitles. I wanted to turn any of the subtitle translations for Japanese into actual on screen text anyways. This also allows me to rewrite the discussion Mariko and Harada have in the tower, before Logan's clash with the Black clan. Now, we get a more full story of his job as leader of the Black Clan, his honor forcing him to "protect" Mariko more than simply "obeying" her, which allows him to make his own judgment on what he perceived as threatening to her. He also references Logan as an outsider, like Shingen does before.

The final thing that bothered me with the Viper storyline removal is the poison Harada uses to send Logan to see Jean one last time. It feels important but we are unsure why. Where did he get it and why does he think it might incapacitate Logan? In the JMR, it's implied that the green steam from Logan's tea is the same that Harada is using again, but it's a difficult thread to connect even if you know to look for it. In order to give this poison more of a backstory, I started looking at the scenes when he got the poison from Viper, and while I don't think I could use those outright, started playing with dialogue to see if someone could give it to him along the way. The scene in the alley showed promise, so I started working there, as a "back alley" deal where he gets it. The available dialogue didn't really work out, and since Viper never talks in JMR, I've been sending lines I recite through some AI to get dialogue that brings some compelling backstory, more visual evidence of Harada's hatred of mutants, and an easter egg from some research I could find on enemies of Wolverine for the source of the poison - the Ogun Ryu.

Cut List:

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